African Studies Curriculum

At Philmore, education is the process of harnessing the inner potential, and thus it is imperative to equip our scholars with an awareness of their identity. The term "miseducation" was coined by Dr. Carter G. Woodson to describe the process of systematically depriving African Americans of their knowledge of self. Dr. Woodson believed that miseducation was the root of the problems of the masses of the African-American community and that if the masses of the African-American community were given the correct knowledge and education from the beginning, they would not be in the situation that they find themselves in today.

Philmore Academy believes that a school centered on teaching the heritage and ancestry, and contributions of African Americans will eliminate the patterns of rejection and alienation that engulf so many African-American school children. Our African studies curriculum begins in kindergarten and gives our scholars the opportunity to learn where they are from to know who they are destined to become.  

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