Drones & Media Production

At Philmore Academy for Science & Arts, we are committed to begin developing the diverse aerospace workforce of the future.  As engineering and technological marvels continue to shape the world around us, STEM Education, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM),  is imperative in preparing the next generation for the future. 

As these industries grow more reliant on well-educated STEM workers, those students proficient and familiar with these concepts become more and more attractive to prospective employers in the technological industries. Incorporating drone education programs into a traditional STEM curriculum demonstrates a shift in how as a school, we can start raising skilled, proficient students familiar with drones, computer science, and the engineering design process. Combining traditional STEM academics with an applied drone education program is a proven way to engage students with STEM-related subjects and promote early-stage workforce development.

At Philmore, introducing drones and its uses gives students a new avenue to understand physics, mechanics, and aviation, but also gives teachers a new way to educate their students in STEM subjects.

Quadcopter Drone