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National Beta Club

The National Junior Beta Club is a service organization, and students should strive to serve the community. In this respect, students of the Junior Beta Club are expected to participate in service projects and activities that have been chosen by the club. These projects will be discussed during our regular club meetings throughout the school year and may include activities during the school day as well as other times depending on the projects chosen. The National Beta Club is a student-centered organization that promotes academic achievement, leadership, service, and high moral character.

   A student who is a member of The Junior Beta Club must maintain all “A’s” and “B’s” for all subjects throughout the year. Students are also expected to have exceptional behavior in school, at all school-related functions, at all Junior Beta Club meetings, during all service projects, and at any other time where students represent our school and/or The National Junior Beta Club.

Students should meet the following requirements:


  • Maintain A/B average

  • Practice good citizenship and character

  • Possess leadership skills

  • Participate in community service

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