High School

Philmore Academy is committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares our students to enroll, and be successful, in colleges and universities throughout the nation. With a curricular structure that challenges each individual and with extra-curricular offerings as diverse as our student body, PA High School offers a variety of opportunities to prepare students for life beyond graduation. 


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Advanced Placement Courses

Philmore Academy's AP Courses or Advanced Placement Courses offer rigorous, college-level curricula that allow high school students the opportunity to earn college credit in high school. Students complete online AP courses at Philmore Academy and take the AP exam to earn college credit. Students will need to purchase the required AP textbooks and other supplemental course materials separately. 

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Early College Program

Philmore Academy offers scholars the ability to begin college coursework during their sophomore year of high school, free of charge, who meet the criteria for admissions. Upon graduation, our scholars will  earn a high school diploma, as well as up to 60 high school credits,which is the equivalent of an associates degree. 


Courses are taught by the college faculty at one one of their campuses around the Metro Atlanta area. The college credits can be transferred to several colleges in the university system and can be used toward a Technical Certificate of Credit, Diploma, or Associate Degree.


Students must be enrolled by the beginning of 10th grade to qualify. 

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College Acceptances

Over 2 million dollars in scholarships

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