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Middle School Learners Academy


We know that the age of adolescence and its transition can be difficult for schools to handle due to the skills and maturity varying widely at this age. Within individual students, there can be wide fluctuations. One day, they may behave like a 16-year-old one day and like a ten-year-old the next. Most studies have recommended smaller, more flexible schools to deal with all these competing factors at this grade level. This is due to more individualized attention and guidance from teachers needed for them to succeed. This leads to more opportunities for reflection and self-expression within the classroom, as well as a feeling of respect and building positive relationships with their teachers and peers.


At Philmore Academy, we have developed a program that we believe is especially suited to deal with the needs and opportunities of early adolescence. By combining support from teachers with independence, individual responsibility, and a range of choices in the fields of STEAM, we can develop the next generation of 21st-century global leaders of excellence. Our rigorous academic program demands a lot from students but does so in classrooms in which they can feel supported. Both academic and leadership skills are nourished within a creative curriculum designed to develop self-awareness, expression, and empathy. All of this is presided over by teachers who genuinely enjoy and appreciate children this age.


Our teachers, more than any other variable, set the tone and atmosphere of the school day. All of our teachers are a reflection of the vision and mission of Philmore and are passionate about the success of every student that they teach. Our goal is for our students to emerge from middle school confident, generous, accomplished, and ready to change the world. We know that there will be challenging moments, but if they learn and grow from their mistakes, then we have accomplished what we set out to do.

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