Why Online?

Philmore Academy Online School Allows for Flexible Learning

An online education from Philmore Academy provides a flexible learning approach that allows students to learn on their schedule. By choosing to attend school online, students gain round-the-clock access to course material. Unrestricted access to course resources will enable students to study at their own pace in environments free of the distractions that would be present in a traditional educational setting. Our approach affords students the freedom to complete their course material as quickly as is comfortable based on their knowledge and skills. Aside from the comprehension benefits associated with an individualized pace, this type of schedule also allows students to allocate time for the pursuit of other interests. Furthermore, it gives students a chance to collaborate with peers and reflect on what they are learning.

Students in Online Schools Can Personalize Their Education

By selecting a curriculum pathway that mirrors their interest and by working at their own pace, students enrolled in online schools can personalize their educational experience. Each student participating in Philmore Academys' programs will have equal access to opportunities associated with their long-term learning goals. Through collaboration with peers and instructors, students can quickly recognize areas for improvement. The increased engagement will serve to keep students interested in the course material, which is likely to improve their performance and understanding of the subject matter. Authentic feedback from assignments will highlight areas in which students can improve and help guide the learning process.

Ways to Succeed Through Virtual School

Despite flexibility being one of the main benefits of a virtual school, a lack of discipline can cause a student to fall behind schedule. It is essential to set reasonable time parameters for studying and completing projects while effectively managing one’s schedule. Adaptability is also essential, as students will be required to alternate between tasks and activities. The course load at Philmore Academy mirrors that of a traditional school. So, it is vital for students to be able to adjust and manage time wisely to remain on track and maximize their online education.

Strengths of a Philmore Academy Online Curriculum

Philmore Academy proudly delivers a high-quality curriculum that prepares students for the next steps in their respective academic journeys. Our online school provides private school opportunities for students ranging from Kindergarten through the 12th grade. The group frequently refines and improves the programs to enhance the learning activities of our students and ensure their success. The curricula are intended as pathways to help students discover courses that both align with their interests and fulfill all graduation requirements.

Choosing Philmore Academy for An Online Elementary Education

Philmore Academy Lower School is designed to captivate students in Kindergarten through the fifth grade, inspiring their ability to learn and fostering a positive educational experience. Our nurturing teachers are adept at motivating students to explore their interests while growing emotionally and gaining positive learning experiences that create a passion for education. Online opportunities are introduced as early as second grade and text-based courses are introduced beginning in the third grade. Throughout the process, academic coaches provide students with weekly lesson plans, supplementary literature books, and science experiments, among other features, to create a genuinely hands-on learning approach.

Online Middle School Through Philmore Academy

Our middle school curriculum is tailored for students in the sixth through eighth grades and offers the option of text-based or online courses, as well as a combination of the approaches. As students grow into young adults, it is increasingly important to collaborate and learn from peers. For that reason, students in the seventh grade may begin to join online social networks and clubs. We recognize that this time in a child’s life is a critical stage for self-esteem and personal growth. Therefore, the Philmore Academy faculty aspires to provide students and their families with personal and social support as well as educational guidance. Our teachers are instrumental in helping students stay focused and meet their academic requirements.

Our Upper School Prepares Students for College

Philmore Academy High School provides online schooling for high school students, offering a comprehensive array of core academic courses and electives necessary for graduation and eventual admission to college. Our High School curriculum stresses the development of reading and writing skills as well as critical thinking to prepare students for the intensity of the coursework they will encounter at the college or university level. Our teachers and college counselors will foster relationships with students that will encourage them to explore their interests and grow, both personally and academically.

Philmore Academy Offers Acclaimed College Prep/Dual Enrollment

Philmore Academy students have the option of earning a diploma by completing a minimum of 24 credits from a well-rounded curriculum of core classes and electives. Based on a thorough knowledge of college admissions policies and educational requirements, our school counselors will work with students to create a course schedule that will coincide with individual goals and interests. The nature of an online high school program will help further prepare students for college because it requires discipline and self-motivation, character traits that will transfer well to the university level. We also help students prepare for standardized tests, which are required as part of many college admissions applications. Philmore Academy students exceed the national average test scores for the SAT and ACT. The combination of factors has led our graduates to achieve a 91% acceptance rate into their colleges of choice.

Online Schooling is a Well-Rounded Approach to Learning

Online schooling is a comprehensive alternative to the traditional school setting. Philmore Academy  fosters collaboration and socialization by promoting engagement and interactivity between students and instructors, while also offering a platform for online social clubs and organizations. A haven for students who are battling illness or unwanted social pressure, the online schooling approach is ideal for those who desire the intensity of a high-quality private school curriculum without the distractions that could be present in a classroom. Beyond our program, students have found success at some of the most selective colleges and universities around the world, further validating the strength of our programs and expertise of our staff members.

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