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Philmore Academy for Science & Arts is committed to developing global leaders of excellence through strategies of hands-on, 21st century, research-based approaches to learning in Mathematics, Science and the Arts.  In addition, through the development of leadership, as well as, self-confidence building strategies, both inside and outside of the classroom, allows us to ensure that all aspects of the learning environment are right for students to feel safe and learn in classes that are research based and hands-on.


Our Difference:

  • 1:1 Technology School (all students in grades 3 and above receive laptops)

  • provide a holistic experience for the child

  • provide a top-notch education built on global leadership, age-appropriate curriculum anchored in STEM, the Arts, Technology, and Advanced Studies

  • Spanish Immersion Program beginning in PreK

  • provide hands-on, engaging and critical thinking through National Common Core Standards

  • adapt the lesson plans as needed to address each child’s unique learning style 

  • culture of excellence in every endeavor

  • fully accredited through Georgia Accrediting Commission

  • Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools member

Our teachers and administrators, serve as strong role models to help them discover their strengths and leadership opportunities from their first year forward. We will provide them the hands-on practice, which is crucial to self-confidence and leadership development. When our students complete their Philmore Academy education, they will understand who they are and will be ready to thrive in any situation.

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Science Class
Home School

Education empowers.

Our students will explore and learn about  countries abroad using our global curriculum. 

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education opens doors.

By increasing exposure to hands-on science activities for students it increases the likelihood of pursuit of a STEM career.  


education exposes.

Our students will benefit from exploring and developing their gifts in the areas of Performing Arts.


education builds confidence.

Research has shown that students who are engage in the learning process experience true mastery. 



C. Jones, Parent

Philmore Academy is a phenomenal school. My husband and I were at a loss as to where to send our son for Kindergarten. We are very happy to find Philmore Academy. The teachers, staff, and Principal truly care and invest their time and energy into the students. The curriculum is by far at a high standard, and we absolutely love that.

T.Braud, Parent

This is our first year at Philmore and since day one my family and I have been happy with our decision to attend. Our daughter is in kindergarten the classes are small and she has learned and retain a lot of information. The school feeling very personal and you would not feel like number.

P. Rhodes, Parent

I enrolled my son into Philmore Academy after he was faced with a tremendous amount of peer pressure in middle school. This school was a blessing to my son and I. He felt immediate relief and is excelling in all his courses. The small class sizes make it easy for children to learn a lot better. They focus on higher learning and prepare all students for life beyond grade school. They provide a safe and loving environment for my son, and as he moves into high school.  feel confident that Philmore Academy has prepared him in all avenues.

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