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Philmore Academy develops global leaders of excellence through strategies of hands-on, 21st century, research-based approaches to learning in mathematics, science and the Arts.  In addition, through the development of leadership, as well as, self-confidence building strategies, both inside and outside of the classroom, allows us to ensure that all aspects of the learning environment are right for students to feel safe and learn in classes that are research based and hands-on. The PAST model combines all three learning goals into a holistic experience for the child and the entire family. An education at Philmore Academy means a top-notch education built on a leading, age-appropriate curriculum anchored in science and technology. As well as critical enrichment and engagement programming. Some of our tools for enlightening children include the National Common Core Standards, through Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, and Early Reader curricula. We adapt the lesson plans as needed to address each child’s unique learning style. Enrichment tools including sensory exploration, Spanish, creative arts, music-&-movement, and others help children comprehend considerably more than the core development milestones. Similarly, our commitment to service opportunities like Toys for Tots, our Thanksgiving Can-a-thon, and others are a means of teaching children to appreciate what they have while having a positive impact on the community.

Our teachers and administrators, serve as strong role models to help them discover their strengths and leadership opportunities from their first year forward. We will provide them the hands-on practice, which is crucial to self-confidence and leadership development. When our students complete their Philmore Academy education, they will understand who they are and will be ready to thrive in any situation.

Graduation Caps

college & career Readiness

Our students will explore and learn about  countries abroad using our global curriculum. 


By increasing exposure to hands-on science activities for students it increases the likelihood of pursuit of a STEM career.  


Our students will benefit from exploring and developing their gifts in the areas of performing arts.

commitment to service

Research has shown that students who engage in community service 

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Back to School Luau
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