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Tuition & Fees

At PA we understand that paying tuition is an investment. Enrolling at PA provides your child with a 21st century education that is taught through National Common Core Standards by educators who, go the extra mile, build relationships, never stop learning, and display integrity.

What are you investing in?
-An environment where your child is known by their teachers
-Rigorous academics, with Honor, Dual Enrollment, and AP opportunities
-Qualified educators
-Immersion in Spanish beginning in PreK
-Student leadership opportunities and global leadership development

Tuition Payment Options

We have 3 payment options including monthly, semi-annually and annually. The tuition payment plan is created during the online enrollment process. 


Fees listed in the Fee Schedule are non-refundable and are required as part of enrollment. Additional fees, based on student activities, may be assessed throughout the school year.

Application Fee

Once an application has been submitted, the application fee is nonrefundable.

Registration Fee

The $250 enrollment fee is paid upon acceptance and is nonrefundable. The registration fee covers enrollment into our system and payment plan. New students are required to pay the registration fee to complete the enrollment process.

Matriculation Fee

The matriculation fee covers the complete cost of educating a student. This fee covers books and curriculum materials. The matriculation fee covers items such as curriculum, achievement testing, accreditation and association dues, etc. It does not include field trips, pictures, special student activity fees, or special events. Please note that this fee is not purchasing these items but defraying costs, and if a student withdraws, these materials remain the property of PA.

PTO Annual Fee

The PTO fee is paid annually for each family and covers costs, including Christmas Cheer - an annual gift to PA staff members, incurred by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

Technology Fee

The technology fee is paid annually for each student and is non-refundable. This fee covers the cost of necessary maintenance, upgrades, and new classroom equipment. A school-issued device for 3rd - 12th grade students is included in the technology fee. PA  student devices will be utilized in the classroom and kept at school.

Tuition and Fees Schedule 2024-25_Final (2).jpg

*The 12 month tuition plan is June - May. Students enrolling after June will be on a shortened payment plan resulting in a higher monthly payment.

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