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Vision & Mission


To provide a learning environment which maximizes exposure to the fields of STEAM, while developing global leaders of excellence who are well-equipped to meet the challenges in global market. Through the combined efforts of  all stakeholders, our scholars will achieve success through expectations of excellence. 


Philmore Academy is dedicated to developing 21st century world changers and global leaders of excellence by providing a continuous pathway of education through hands-on learning opportunities in STEAM, while creating a culture centered around academic advancement, leadership, service, and excellence.


Student Creed

As a Student of Philmore Academy,
I will be the best I can be.
I will lead by example.

I will be respectful and responsible.

I will strive for excellence in everything that I do.
I will let nothing stand in my way.
I will stand apart from the rest.
As I excel and move ahead,
I will remember to reach back as I’ve been led.

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