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Philmore Academy for  strives to prepare students to be competitive leaders at the state, national and global level. Using National Common Core Standards in all core content areas as our guide, our administrative staff and teachers will ensure that our students are prepared for all levels of education. Utilizing National Common Core Standards and for all content areas, in addition to supplemental materials, scholars will be engaged and involved in the learning process.  Our 21st century approach and hands-on learning curriculum using the 4 C's of 21st century learning, will allow our students to become critical thinkers, as well as develop them into student leaders and ambassadors. With a strong interaction with the curriculum, our students will become effective communicators and collaborators, which we feel are all essential skills of the 21st century learner.  ​

​With highly trained teachers and staff, Philmore Academy will ensure that learning is engaging, relevant, and interactive for all students. Students will use hands-on approaches to learning and interacting with their peers and technology. With classrooms that are engaging and 21st century, Philmore Academy students will experience a classroom and learning like they have never experienced before.


Our Difference

Smaller Class

Hands-on and Interactive approaches to learning

 Exposure to Science, The Arts & Advanced Curriculum for all Students

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